KX is the fastest, best-informed, real-time decision-making engine in the world, connected to the data you need.

Its unrivalled streaming analytics capabilities power the most demanding business decisions with real-time continuous intelligence.

We are a registered KX partner, providing consulting and implementation services around KX Insights. We operate from our Service Delivery Centers, remotely, or at your site.

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The Problem – Knowing Too Late

  • Many contemporary analytics platforms are based on an old-style polled model where data is collected into a repository by certain processes, retrieved in queries by different ones, and then evaluated in yet another set before the results are finally returned to the user.
  • The problem with information delays is that data can change based on market fluctuations, resulting in missed opportunities.
  • To find out what is happening, or to predict what might happen, you need streaming analytics.

The Opportunity – Knowing in Advance

  • Streaming analytics enables instantaneous decision making based not only on data as it
    arrives, but on factoring in crucial historical data as well.
  • Contextual analysis identifies patterns and insights based on moving averages, correlations, and machine learning over historical data.
  • Streaming analytics not only tell the story of what has happened, but also provide insights into real-time data and can predict future patterns.

The Benefit - Proactive Solutions

  • Data is the new force fueling innovation and guiding successful organizations in informing their decisions, reforming their processes, and out-performing competition.
  • It’s all about data. Digital transformation is premised on it, machine learning is built upon it, and operational efficiency is measured by it.
  • Data is, without a doubt, the new power and our kdb+ engineers can help you harness it.

Our Solutions

  • We specialize in using kdb+ for pricing and analytics use cases in financial services and banking, including:
    • Transaction cost analysis
    • Real-time risk aggregation
    • Visualization and latency analysis
    • Trade surveillance
  • Our KX engineers have years of experience developing, deploying, and supporting mission-critical kdb+ applications

  • Training derived from standard modules or bespoke topics for your specific needs
  • Our trainers are senior kdb+ technologists with years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting KX systems
  • After attending any of the training courses, participants have access to ongoing, premium support from kdb+ engineers for three months, ensuring attendees continue to benefit from our knowledge even after course completion

  • We provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help develop, maintain, manage, and support your KX applications
  • Our professionals can help you manage fluctuating resource needs, skills gaps, and changing priorities to meet your project timelines
  • We have a full ecosystem of resources to enhance, improve, and support customer experience and delivery
  • We offer a range of kdb+ support options and can customize the service to suit your needs
  • Our support is delivered by knowledgeable staff familiar with using KX technology – not scripted runbook responses from an outsourced support center

Continuous Real-time Intelligence

KX enables real-time analysis of any data, whether at speed or at rest, providing firms with dynamic insights into what’s happening right now.

Continuous updates enable decisions to be made instantly and automatically.

“World’s Fastest Time Series Database”

Independently verified as outperforming competing technologies.

KX delivers powerful sub-microsecond latency for stream event processing with the ability to ingest and store 30 million updates per second and over 10 TB per day – in the moment, in-context, and in real-time.

Cloud-Optimized for Maximum Flexibility

The cloud provides instant scalability, cheap storage, easy integration, robust security, and a new development paradigm based on microservices of revolutionized time to market for applications.

We understand how to deploy KX, leveraging all of these benefits, either via public or private clouds.



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