We understand your process and internal control environment and help strengthen controls across all areas of operational risk.

Our teams are experienced at implementing programs to support third-party risk, employee conduct, customer complaints and business continuity. We help you review and optimize areas of strength while identifying and remediating areas of operational weakness.

  • Business process mapping
  • Process-based risk identification
  • Process-based control design and effectiveness
  • Business process transformation
  • Quality Control design, monitoring, and testing
  • Operational loss mitigation and management design

  • Risk and control inventory
  • Reporting taxonomy
  • Internal control framework, including typology defined by preventative and detective, source, strength, and measurement of effectiveness
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment methodology including inherent and residual risk calculations
  • 2nd Line of Defense effective challenge
  • Aggregate results, risk profiles, and heat map reporting by organization, business line, and function
  • GRC tool design and integration of other risk assessments
  •  Linkage to the issue management process for remediation of control weakness
  • Linkage to the change management process for ongoing risk assessment updates

  • Request for proposal
  • Due diligence
  • Risk rating methodology
  • Contracting
  • Ongoing monitoring and critical vendor management
  • Reporting and governance
  • Contingency planning and offboarding
  • 4th-party risk

  • Customer complaint intake sources
  • Complaint investigations and response process
  • Complaint tracking, reporting, and analyses including industry comparatives
  • Risk rating methodology
  • Root cause analysis, remediation, and customer restitution
  • Complaint testing and audit
  • Complaint resources, organizational design, and governance

  • Employee hotline
  • Code of Conduct
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Internal fraud
  • Incentive compensation program

  • Risk tolerance
  • Source identification and monitoring process
  • Risk triage and corporate response management process
  • Management and Board responsibilities, committee structure and composition, and oversight
  • Integration with risk appetite, scenario analysis, and stress testing processes

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Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Systems

Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Systems

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Fair and Responsible Banking

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Data Governance

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