Treliant is a multi-industry consulting firm that serves organizations around the globe.

At Treliant, our team is made of leading professionals from the finance industry and government. We partner with all our clients, ranging from financial institutions to consumer-based businesses and law firms. We help them navigate regulatory requirements and best practices so they can meet their operational objectives. Our people serve people from Wall Street, Main Street, and across the world. 

Treliant's trusted financial strategic advisors and expert industry practitioners provide world-class, specialized business solutions.

We provide comprehensive support for:

  • Corporate & Regulatory Investigations
  • Litigation
  • Government Agency Monitoring
  • Independent Consulting

These strengthen our clients and their:

  • Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Business Performance

Our managed and assurance services include:

  • Secondments
  • Interim Resources
  • Outsourcing Strategies
  • Surge Labor Needs

Why Treliant

Our caliber of people, client-focused services, and core values distinguish our team from today’s standard consulting firm. We have been where you are, faced the problems you’ve faced, and we weigh the opportunities in front of you so that you can understand the solutions that await. As former in-house industry practitioners and regulators, we craft effective responses and sustainable strategies so all our clients can succeed.

Our Experts

Treliant’s trusted advisors have sat in your chair and experienced your challenges. This hard-earned empathy informs how we help all our clients.

Meet Our Team

Our Services

We work with you to advise on strategies or augment your objectives across a full range of business challenges.


Our Core Principles

Here at Treliant, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of diligence and transparency regarding client engagements and conflict. As trusted advisors, we commit ourselves to top ethical standards and expect those who work with us to act in accordance with our following Treliant Code of Conduct.

Treliant’s daily conduct is grounded in four CORE principlesCommunication, Open-mindedness, Respect, and Ethical Behavior. Our Ethical Tenets include Independence, Quality, and Integrity. Collectively, these principles and tenets define our responsibilities to our colleagues, our clients, and the public.

Code of Conduct

Together, these constitute a Code of Conduct to which our Board of Directors, Senior Advisory Board, and Compliance Committee hold the members of our firm accountable for in all of our interactions and engagements. At Treliant we hold ourselves to the highest standards of diligence and transparency, as it relates to client engagements and conflicts. We have a detailed conflicts-check process that we instill for every engagement.

Read our Code of Conduct to learn more about the standards, expectations, and values of Treliant employees. For further queries, please contact our Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, John Carey or Melissa Brisco, Deputy Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer.


Board of Directors

  • Martin Nesbitt (Chairman)
  • Waldo Abbot
  • John Brennan
  • Michael Castleforte
  • William Dudley
  • Colin Dyer
  • Vicki Fuller
  • John Garabedian
  • Julie Howard
  • David Samuels
  • Dmitri Stockton
  • Susanna Tisa
  • Neal Wolin

Compliance Committee

  • John P. Carey, Chair
  • Melissa Brisco, Deputy Chair
  • Howard A. Eisenhardt
  • B. Scott Fisher
  • Brendan Gorman
  • David Samuels

Senior Advisory Board

  • Waldo M. Abbot
  • Steve Bartlett

Work at Treliant

Join our growing, entrepreneurial, and innovative team. Work alongside talented, driven professionals and industry thought leaders.