Managed Services

Treliant’s managed services operations are ready to be rapidly deployed and consist of teams of trained professionals to meet the strategic and execution needs of our clients, increase efficiency and operational effectiveness, reduce costs, and satisfy global regulatory requirements.

Treliant’s Managed Services team currently manages project-based teams of professionals ranging from a few to a few hundred.

Whether your resource needs are long- or short-term, large- or small-scale, or high- or low-skill set, Treliant’s Managed Services team can leverage the appropriate Treliant subject matter experts to partner with financial institutions and other organizations of all sizes and provide the high-quality services you demand.  We offer a range of options that can be tailored to meet your objectives and your budget.

If you are not sure what staffing levels or resource commitment you need, Treliant’s subject matter experts can also review your situation and develop a staffing plan.


Our outsourced managed services are supported from our service delivery centers in the U.S., Europe, and globally with seasoned professionals and include the following functions:

  • Transaction Monitoring and Alert Investigations
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Know Your Customer and Onboarding
  • Sanction Screening and SAR Filings
  • Negative News Reviews
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Loan Review
  • Legal Process Outsourcing

Trade Surveillance Case Study


Regulatory Related File Review

  • Performed a regulatory compliance analysis of the loss mitigation activities of a top 10 US mortgage servicer in response to enforcement actions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Treliant’s team of over 70 staff identified potentially harmed borrowers through loan level file reviews, navigation of servicer systems, system notes, and document storage over 6-month period.  Treliant prepared a litigation-quality report describing the results of the review.
  • Performed a complex loss mitigation file review and data analysis on a self-identified and reported loss mitigation regulatory issue for a top 60 US Bank and mortgage servicer in preparation for meetings with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Treliant worked with the client to define a population of borrowers that were potentially harmed as a result of the identified issue and developed a strategy for the optimal presentation of the issue facts.  The assignment required navigation of the servicer’s loss mitigation system, servicer notes, document storage for file review, and over 60 staff to review all aspects of the institution’s targeted loss mitigation regulatory issue.  This assignment also required manipulation of large data files for a waterfall analysis, statistically significant sampling selection, and presentation of results to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • Treliant acted as the independent consultant for a multi-agency review and performed analysis and testing to determine regulatory compliance and potential borrower harm resulting from the past activities of a top 5 vendor to the mortgage servicing industry (activities included default servicing, foreclosure, loss mitigation, bankruptcy).  The project involved the manipulation of large data files for statistically significant sample selection, progress reports and presentation of results.  Treliant created a specialized team of over 40 members with expertise in MSP and Default Management Systems.

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