Calling all members of the first line of defense! It’s time to recognize the pivotal role you play, not just in business operations, but also in compliance functions akin to the second line.

Join our webinar as we delve into how you can establish and re-establish the three lines of defense (LOD) model within your organization if lines have blurred or gone awry. We’ll emphasize the importance of understanding your dual role in operational risk management and compliance, providing you with practical strategies to navigate challenges and meet new expectations. Our expert panel will empower you to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks while upholding regulatory standards and internal policies.

Date and Time: June 4th | 2:00PM – 3:00PM (ET)


  1. Embracing Your Compliance Role: Gain a deeper understanding of your multifaceted role within the first line of defense, encompassing both operational risk management and compliance functions. Recognize the importance of integrating compliance tasks into your daily operations.
  2. Aligning with Compliance Expectations: Learn how to align your operations with compliance expectations, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies while maintaining business efficiency. Discover strategies for effectively integrating compliance into your operational processes and related controls.
  3. Strengthening Risk Management Practices: Explore ways to strengthen your risk management practices within the first line, including enhancing internal controls and risk mitigation strategies. Understand how robust risk management contributes to overall organizational resilience and first line effectiveness.
  4. Fostering Collaboration Across Lines: Foster collaboration between the first and second lines of defense, facilitating communication and alignment of objectives to enhance overall risk management effectiveness. Recognize the value of cross-functional partnerships in achieving compliance, audit and risk management goals.
  5. Adapting to Evolving Regulatory Landscape: Stay informed about changes in regulatory expectations and adapt your practices accordingly. What is the first line’s role with regulatory change management? Learn how to ingest, assess and navigate regulatory requirements while maintaining operational agility and resilience within your organization’s risk management framework.

Pat Eglinton, SVP, Senior Director, Operational Risk Oversight, First Citizens Bank

Laura Huntley, Managing Director, Regulatory Compliance and Operations Solutions, Treliant

Mike ScarpaManaging Director, Regulatory Compliance and Operations Solutions, Treliant


*Registration is complimentary