Jin Kim is a financial services professional with extensive experience in financial crimes, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and sanctions-related compliance. He has consulted a wide range of clients on compliance with AML and Sanctions-related regulations and best practices from both second and third lines of defense perspectives, such as Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC compliance program reviews, transaction monitoring and enhanced due diligence (EDD) reviews.

While working with Treliant, Jin assisted in the validation of articles pursuant to regulatory orders in addition to other audit issues. In addition, he has conducted validations for both audit and regulatory issues while acting as outsourced internal audit for several foreign banking organizations. Outside of internal audit work, he played active roles in AML and OFAC compliance program reviews for major international financial institutions, including both domestic and international operations, leading to work papers with detailed descriptions of testing, methodologies, and findings that were submitted to the Federal Reserve Board. The reviews evaluated the adequacy and effectiveness of the institutionsā€™ internal controls with respect to financial crime risks. More specifically, he has assessed key components of BSA/AML and Sanctions compliance programs such as governance, internal audit, second line testing, customer due diligence, transaction screening, transaction monitoring, and risk assessment. He also has experience assisting and performing remedial efforts (e.g., KYC files reviews, gap analysis, risk assessments, etc.) for multiple financial institutions.

Jin holds a BA in Economics with a minor in Managerial Studies from Vanderbilt University, and an MA in Economics/Finance from New York University, where he received the Excellence in Macroeconomics award. He is a graduate of Seoul Science High School, fluent in Korean and possesses computer and systems skills such as Actimize, Prime, SURETY, STATA, LexisNexis, and C++.