Gain actionable insights into establishing and maintaining a working framework that is designed for success by aligning expectations and responsibilities, facilitating information flow, and supporting proactive management. Register now to strengthen your institution’s fintech/partner bank program.

Date and Time: June 20th | 2:00PM – 3:00PM (ET)



A clear understanding and meaningful oversight of financial crime risk within the fintech/partner bank relationship has never been more critical for both regulatory compliance and business success. Discover the keys to building a robust program of onboarding, execution, and oversight in this key partnership framework by joining our webinar. Our expert panel will guide banks and fintech partners through the intricacies of a relationship built on mutual reliance with an overlay of regulatory scrutiny.

  1. Clear Understanding of Regulatory Expectations: Gain insights into the evolving landscape of regulatory requirements concerning financial crime risk within the fintech/partner bank relationship. Understand how to align operations, compliance, and data security to meet these expectations effectively.
  2. Robust Program Development: Learn the essential elements of building a robust program for onboarding, execution, and oversight within the partnership framework. Discover strategies for specialized vendor selection, due diligence, and establishing written, testable processes to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.
  3. Clarity on Responsibilities: Understand the division of responsibilities between banks and fintech partners, both from a contractual and regulatory perspective. Explore how to delineate and communicate expectations clearly in areas such as customer onboarding, OFAC screening, transaction monitoring, and adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices.
  4. Effective Oversight and Management: Gain actionable insights into establishing effective oversight mechanisms, including management information systems (MIS), performance measures, change management protocols, and communication channels. Learn how to monitor trends, manage staffing, and address customer complaints to ensure the ongoing success of the partnership.
  5. Strategies for Success: Acquire practical strategies for aligning expectations, facilitating information flow, and proactively managing the fintech/partner bank relationship. Discover how to navigate the intricacies of mutual reliance amidst regulatory scrutiny, ultimately strengthening your institution’s fintech/partner bank program for regulatory compliance and business success.

Larry Candido, Senior Director, Treliant (Moderator)

Evan Drexler, Director, Treliant

Additional Speakers Coming Soon


*Registration is complimentary