The CFPB Language Access Plan for Consumers with Limited English Proficiency

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Since 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been actively gathering information, issuing guidance, and providing tips, via their blog posts, related to meeting the needs of consumers with limited English proficiency (LEP). In November 2023 they issued their Language Access Plan which emphasizes the critical need for multilingual support and access in financial services.

Treliant offers tailored, compliance solutions to assist institutions in aligning with this guidance, including language access strategies, compliance reviews, and enhanced training programs.


The CFPB’s Language Access Plan outlines a comprehensive strategy to ensure meaningful access to financial services for individuals with LEP. It covers:

  • Internal translation and audit processes.
  • In-language user testing of resources.
  • Fair lending rights and protections.
  • Public enforcement actions involving LEP communities.
  • Educational resources in multiple languages.
  • Translated websites and glossaries.

This initiative signals heightened regulatory focus on ensuring equitable access for LEP individuals within financial services. Institutions should anticipate increased scrutiny regarding language access and fair treatment. Compliance teams should review their existing language access policies and procedures to ensure alignment with the CFPB’s guidance, considering enhanced language support, training, and service offerings.

The structured template provides a concise overview for financial compliance officers and staff, summarizing the key aspects of the CFPB’s Language Access Plan and outlining the implications for financial institutions.

 What Does This Mean for Financial Institutions?

  • Regulatory Focus: The CFPB’s Language Access Plan intensifies scrutiny on equitable access for LEP individuals. This affects banks, lenders, and mortgage servicers, necessitating a review of language access policies.
  • Compliance Practices: Institutions must enhance internal processes for language access, potentially requiring more translators or language services to ensure accurate communication and compliance with CFPB guidelines.
  • Operational Adjustments: Expect changes in operations to facilitate effective communication with LEP consumers, including translated documents, multilingual customer service, and aligning practices with CFPB standards.
  • Training Initiatives: Staff training becomes critical, emphasizing cultural sensitivity and language interpretation to better serve LEP communities while staying compliant.
  • Targeted Outreach: Tailoring outreach efforts to LEP communities can build trust and accessibility, promoting financial literacy and inclusive financial services.

As a distinguished industry leader, Treliant stands uniquely positioned to assist financial institutions in navigating the complexities of compliance highlighted in the CFPB’s Language Access Plan.

Our team comprises former regulatory examiners, seasoned compliance practitioners, skilled analysts, and operations experts with a deep understanding of regulatory expectations. Leveraging our wealth of experience and comprehensive expertise, we offer tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and operational support to ensure your institution meets the stringent requirements of language access policies while maintaining compliance integrity.

Partner with us to proactively address these challenges and fortify your institution’s commitment to providing equitable financial services to all consumers.

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Daniel Johnson is a Managing Director at Treliant. He is an experienced regulatory compliance and data science professional with comprehensive financial services experience in regulatory compliance, risk management, internal audit, fair lending, statistical analysis, operations management, enterprise program administration, and compliance training.