Washington, DC – October 28, 2020 – “Bank General Counsel can play a crucial role in advising their bank board of directors on how to navigate through challenging times. Treliant has offered its support for AABD’s efforts to lend a hand to bank General Counsel to help make bank board members more effective and less susceptible to risk of personal liability,” David Baris, AABD’s president said.

Treliant is a premier bank consulting firm with offices in Washington DC and New York City, providing comprehensive support for corporate and regulatory compliance programs, risk management, global financial crimes compliance, corporate and regulatory investigations, and business performance. It has consulted with a range of banks, from small community banks to large, international financial institutions, on a variety of matters.

Two of Treliant’s recent engagements include:

  • Conducting an assessment of a top 10 U.S. financial institution’s complaint management system to review its baseline state and perform a gap analysis between the system and CFPB recommendations, resulting in steps to strengthen the system
  • Serving as independent consultant to the Federal Reserve for a financial crimes compliance related enforcement action against a large complex international bank

“It is essential that bank boards and general counsel work closely together to meet current challenges,” Baris said. “A robust corporate governance framework and strong corporate culture is essential. General Counsel can play a key role. AABD’s periodic conference calls and communications with members of its General Counsel Committee to share ideas and recent developments assist counsel to successfully work with their boards and senior management.”

“I am delighted that Treliant has become a sponsor of AABD,” Scott Fisher, Treliant CEO, said. “It is the only trade association in the United States that consistently speaks out for the interests of bank directors. It provides invaluable support for bank boards to perform their responsibilities effectively and assists bank General Counsels in that endeavor.”


About AABD

Founded in 1989, the non-profit American Association of Bank Directors is the only trade group in the United States solely devoted to bank directors and their information, education, and advocacy needs. The Institute for Bank Director Education was established in 1993 as the educational arm of AABD. Its purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for education programs designed for bank and savings institution directors that support the nationally recognized AABD Director Certification Program and to offer a six-hour core course to all bank directors. AABD has published, among other publications, the Bank Director Regulatory Burden Report, the first public compilation of over 800 laws, regulations, and federal banking agency guidance that impose various requirements on bank directors and their boards and board committee; FDIC Director Suits: Lessons Learned, a guide for bank directors to be prepared for future recessions; Bank Director Standards of Care and Protection: A Fifty-State Survey; and the Practical Handbook on Fair Lending for Bank Directors and Executive Officers, designed to provide straightforward advice on how bank boards can achieve effective oversight over fair lending risk and engage in best practices.

About Treliant

Treliant is a multi-industry consulting firm that serves organizations around the globe. Our firm serves financial institutions, consumer-oriented businesses, other corporations, and law firms. As a firm of leading professionals from industry and government, we assist our clients in navigating regulatory requirements and on best practices, while meeting strategic and operational objectives. We partner with clients as trusted advisors and via managed services including through secondments, interim resources, and other outsourcing strategies. Our advisory and assurance services and specialized, high quality business solutions strengthen our clients’ corporate and regulatory compliance programs, risk management, and business performance. We also provide comprehensive support for corporate and regulatory investigations, litigation, and as government agency monitors and independent consultants. We serve companies from Main Street to Wall Street and across the globe. For more information, visit www.Treliant.com.

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