Discover the keys to a successful merger or acquisition in the banking sector. Our expert panel guides you through how to ensure that your institution builds effective processes to navigate M&A from start to finish, so that you’re able to make informed decisions along the way and avoids any unwanted consequences after the transaction.


Many industry experts believe there will be an increase in M&A activity in 2024. In this webinar you will gain actionable insights into creating a comprehensive M&A program from a Risk and Compliance standpoint. Learn the importance of implementing a holistic due diligence program that will help your institution understand some of the key factors to look at throughout the process. Informed decision making is key to any successful transaction. Our panelists will discuss key considerations and questions to ask as you navigate this process.

  • Determining the overall Risk and Compliance profile of the institution.
  • Understanding the overall Risk and Compliance organizational structure including roles and responsibilities across the first and second lines of defense.
  • How to understand what areas will be of greatest focus for the regulators throughout the process.
  • Determining if there could be Risk and Compliance repercussions post-close.
  • Understanding the overall Risk and Compliance governance framework at the institution
  • Assessing the overall control structure of the institution being targeted.
  • Reviewing some of the challenges with integration.


Karin Lockovitch, Senior Managing Director, Regulatory Compliance, Mortgage, and Operations Solutions

Mike Schuchardt, Senior Managing Director, Risk Management Solutions