Who We Serve

“Treliant has strong, lasting relationships with clients from Main Street to Wall Street and across the globe. We help our clients thrive amid ever-changing regulatory and market risks. 
We are trusted advisors bringing unique experience, expert knowledge, and strategic thinking to this critical period of uncertainty facing the financial services industry.” 

                                         - Susanna K. Tisa, Executive Partner, Treliant

Our services are used by domestic and international financial services companies, including:

Banks and Thrifts

With $17 trillion in combined assets, federally insured depository institutions are the linchpin of the U.S. financial system. From the smallest community banks to the largest, most complex banks, these institutions face intense regulatory scrutiny and increasing supervisory expectations, making compliance a top-of-mind concern for executives and boards. With our deep knowledge of the federal and state regulatory systems, Treliant is exceptionally well equipped to guide clients through regulatory expectations for safety and soundness, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and consumer compliance challenges, along with those pertaining to conduct and culture, conflicts of interest, market manipulation, and Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP).

Securities and Investment Firms, including Broker-Dealers

Modern marketplaces have grown more complex, and the onus is on registered firms to operate with integrity, demonstrate fiduciary responsibility, and comply with all applicable federal and state requirements. Our professionals focus on delivering practical, business-oriented solutions to assist clients in responding to examination, compliance, and enforcement requirements, including those pertaining to conduct and culture, conflicts of interest, and market manipulation.

Alternative Financial Services (AFS) Companies

As providers of services on which many low-income people depend, AFS companies occupy a significant space in the financial services landscape. Check-cashing outlets, money services business and transmitters, and payday lenders are among the companies that fit in this niche. A highly fragmented industry, AFS companies are subject to a varied range of supervisory and regulatory regimes, ranging from the federal CFPB to state regulations and local ordinances. Treliant stands ready to assist these companies with the compliance systems and best practices in business standards that can help them stand apart as best-of-breed companies.

Mortgage and Specialty Finance Firms

Increasingly stringent regulation of mortgage lenders and specialty finance companies is one of the most evident legacies of the 2008-9 financial crisis. The creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) raised the stakes for nonbank lenders, adding heft to the roles already played by the Federal Reserve, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and other agencies. Treliant’s experts draw on decades of experience to help mortgage and finance companies navigate a vast array of requirements from federal and state agencies.

RegTechs and FinTechs

As traditional players in financial services look on, a host of startup technology companies have set out to bridge the digital divide in banking. Some are mining “big data” to customize the user experience; others are disrupting sectors such as lending and money transfers. The regulatory framework governing these entrepreneurial companies is fragmented and a work in progress. Treliant can help these companies understand and comply with a host of regulatory requirements and help traditional players analyze partnership, alliance, and acquisition opportunities.

Credit Unions

With more than 100 million members nationwide, credit unions occupy an important and growing niche in financial services. Traditionally focused on consumer lending and services, many credit unions have expanded to include a broader array of offerings. The same issues that challenge banks and thrifts – from cybersecurity to consumer compliance – impact credit unions. Treliant understands the unique features of the credit union charter and operating structure and is well equipped to advise executives and boards on issues including examinations, enforcement agreements, new businesses, and strategic direction. 

Trade Associations

Trade associations provide important common ground for financial services companies. They bring professionals together to identify critical challenges and emerging opportunities, develop best practices, and raise their voices as one—advancing the interests of the industry as a whole. Since its inception, Treliant has worked closely with trade associations in the financial services industry, in myriad joint endeavors including benchmarking exercises, webinars, brainstorming sessions, and co-hosted seminars.

It often takes an expanded team to address today’s regulatory issues. Treliant is exceptionally skilled at partnering with law firms to deliver services in a coordinated and seamless manner. We are equally comfortable in a central or adjunct role. Our ultimate concern is to provide the best advice and guidance to help clients solve problems, seize opportunities, and honor both the letter and the spirit of the laws governing their businesses.

Payment Processing Companies

Both highly regulated and highly competitive, the electronic transaction processing business is undergoing rapid transformation. Traditional players, innovators, and disrupters are all vying for a share of current and future revenues as new applications and technologies multiply. From mobile wallets to peer-to-peer payments to tokenization and encryption to blockchain, Treliant understands how regulators view the new financial tools. We help clients demonstrate how they are balancing the technology, safety, and security of electronic transactions.

Firms Providing Technology Services to Banks

Technology service providers (TSPs) undergird all of banking, from the core banking systems that support financial institutions’ most common transactions to specialized systems for online banking and ATMs. Regulators expect financial institutions and their TSPs to maintain safe and sound banking practices and understand and guard against a host of risks, including information security. Treliant helps clients evaluate TSP vendor performance against Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and state regulatory oversight and examination guidance.

Insurance Companies

Federal influence over insurance companies is expanding even as state regulators maintain a solid grip on their role as the industry’s primary supervisors. Regulators are focused on capital, risk reporting and management, market conduct, and cybersecurity, among other topics. Treliant assists these companies with services such as compliance program development and model validation.