Susannah Wright, a Senior Manager at Treliant, has worked in all aspects of default mortgage servicing over the past 22 years, including bankruptcy and collections. She also has four years of experience in handling flood compliance for commercial mortgages.

Susannah has a deep background in residential lending and compliance. Prior to joining Treliant, she worked as a liaison between a Top Five bank and the attorneys general, regulators, and elected officials in 10 states, including Minnesota, Iowa, and Massachusetts. She also acted as liaison between the bank and the Department of Justice’s Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees. In each case, she managed the relationships, including standardizing metrics and customizing regular contact with the various regulators to address questions and concerns.

Susannah worked as a contractor for the California Department of Business Management as a bankruptcy SME, utilizing her knowledge of bankruptcy to create the working checklists, documents and reports used in the review of a non-bank mortgage servicer, and is responsible for a part of the $200,000,000 recovery made against that servicer.  Susannah’s additional experience ranges from working as a flood insurance adjuster for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to working as a compliance officer for a Top 5 bank to creating technical documents for a Top 10 bank. She has provided root cause analysis for issues as well as procedures for improving organization efforts and compliance metrics.

At Treliant, Susannah leads the Benchmarking team, and has led benchmarking efforts to provide market data related to RESPA compliance and non-RESPA market data for traditional and non-traditional lenders.

Susannah studied English at the University of Minnesota and trained as a paralegal at the University of North Florida.