Eric Mazur is a Managing Director with Treliant in Washington, DC. Eric has more than 29 years of experience working in both the government and private sectors. He specializes in computer digital forensic investigations, complex data collections, eDiscovery consulting, and expert witness services.

Eric has extensive experience conducting investigations concerning fraud, unauthorized data access, misappropriation of trade secrets, and data manipulation and destruction. He has led large domestic and international technology projects relating to the forensic recovery and electronic discovery process of data demanded by subpoena and has forensically produced millions of pages of client data for critical privileged legal review.

He has instructed federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in conducting digital investigations and forensic analysis while an instructor for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center and has conducted hundreds of investigations while a detective with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Financial Investigations Unit in Washington, DC. He has received computer forensic training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations Division, and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

He was recognized for his outstanding achievements by the Department of Justice at the 13th and 19th annual International Law Enforcement Awards and was nominated in 1998 for the Justice Department’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

Some of Eric’s credentials include: Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist (SCERS-FLETC), EnCase Certified Examiner (ENCE), Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist, Certified Technical Trainer (CTIA), and Computer Network Investigations (CNTP-FLETC). His academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Maryland.

Eric is highly regarded as an expert witness in computer forensics and electronic discovery, and he has extensive experience testifying in U.S. courts.

Areas of Specialization

  • Complex Data Collections
  • Computer Forensic Analysis
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Data Breach Investigations
  • Data Recovery
  • Digital Investigations
  • E-Discovery Consulting
  • ESI Processing and Hosting
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Intellectual Property Theft Investigations
  • Litigation Readiness
  • Mobile Device Analysis
  • Social Media Preservations and Analysis