Cyndi Ramos is an Engagement Director at Treliant with 30 years of financial services experience.  Her areas of expertise include commercial and residential mortgage operations, data accuracy, regulatory compliance, and banking with an emphasis on mortgage servicing.  Her specialties include Flood Disaster Compliance Act (FDCA) and data integrity and accuracy.

Prior to joining Treliant, Cyndi worked with multiple firms on regulatory compliance testing and remediation, data aggregation and accuracy, audit preparation, corrective action creation and execution, and testing and issue closure.  Cyndi held management positions at both Bank of America and Union Bank where she managed all aspects of commercial loan operations, small business loan closing, servicing, and reporting, and credit support, regulatory compliance and data accuracy for the Small Business Lending Division.

Cyndi has experience with loan servicing and origination system conversions including data mapping, testing, and conversion validation.  She has participated in multiple loan acquisitions involving due diligence, purchase, and system conversion, insuring alignment of policy and procedure, data accuracy, and compliance.

Areas of Specialization

  • Compliance Audits
  • Due Diligence
  • Lookbacks
  • Mortgage Law / Regulations
  • Mortgage Originations and Servicing
  • Regulatory Exam / Management
  • Remediation Plans / Implementation and Effectiveness Testing