Treliant and Logical Construct’s alliance offers customers leading edge technology, combined with services and consultancy support, to drive successful outcomes for your contract management challenges.

Regulatory Change

Common problems: 

  • Identifying all contracts subject to a specific change.
  • Managing the client outreach process and tracking the update and approval of all contracts.
  • Ensuring all parties are informed of the status of the change and the current basis of doing business with the client.
  • Multiplication of required documentation due to regulatory change, benchmark reform and Brexit.


IBOR Transition, Swap Dealer registration, BRRD

Business Evolution

Business changes often drive client contract updates:

  • Moving in or out of businesses, locations or products.
  • Moving clients between businesses or regions.
  • Business re-structuring.
  • Adjustments to business terms.
  • • Adjustment to legal entity capabilities or operating model.
  • Maintaining an overview of transient market events such as rating downgrades or collateral liquidity challenges.

Operational Efficiency

Ensuring control, transparency and efficiency:

  • Managing the business-as-usual contract changes across a diverse universe of clients and contracts.
  • Managing workflow and change approval efficiently.
  • Delivering robust, efficient and effective collaboration across departments.
  • Transition from paper-form to digital documentation.
  • Move towards emerging industry-wide standards such as CDM.
  • Management and overview of legacy documents which may be in different formats or duplicated.

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