Washington, DC – May 17, 2017 – Treliant is pleased to announce that Rebecca (Lynn) Woosley has joined the firm as Engagement Director focusing on fair lending compliance.

“The regulatory community continues to expand its Fair Lending expectations of the financial services industry both within and beyond the mortgage market,” said Treliant CEO Andrew L. Sandler. “Lynn has decades of experience in helping companies navigate changing regulatory requirements and expectations with vigilance and agility. She has spent much of her career assisting banks to position themselves as leaders in fair lending compliance.”

Lynn Woosley is a seasoned executive with extensive risk management experience in regulatory compliance, consumer and commercial credit risk, credit and compliance risk modeling, model governance, regulatory change management, acquisition due diligence, and operational risk in both financial services and regulatory environments. Lynn has held leadership positions including Senior Vice President and Fair and Responsible Banking Officer; Group Vice President for Wholesale Transaction Modeling; and First Vice President for Portfolio Management within the corporate risk management division of a Top 10 bank. Prior to joining the private sector, she served as Senior Examiner and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

“Harnessing technology is vital to effective fair lending compliance, and Treliant has a strong track record in ensuring that testing, monitoring, and reporting systems are robust,” said Lynn Woosley. “The most significant challenge for banks today is the looming January 2018 deadline for implementing expanded Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requirements, creating an urgent need to bring data collection, reporting, and disclosure into line with heightened standards. I look forward to working with Treliant clients on HMDA, fair lending, CRA, and other issues affecting the institution and its customers, including UDAAP, credit risk management, and credit scoring.”

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