October 16, 2019 – Matthew E. Ellis has joined Treliant as Managing Director, Privacy and Data Ethics. Matthew brings nearly 20 years of data privacy experience to the firm, expanding its focus on one of the most pressing issues in business today. At the leading edge of the privacy field, he has developed industry-recognized business practices addressing consumer data protection, encryption, and malware. His related policy work has tackled complex issues such as conflict resolution between anti-money laundering efforts and data privacy requirements.

“Matthew is recognized in the industry as a global data privacy leader who helps organizations forge a path through regulatory constraints to business success,” said Treliant Chief Executive Officer B. Scott Fisher. “He can provide unparalleled insight to our clients as we expand our data privacy and ethics capabilities.”

In his career, Matthew has advanced data privacy and ethics as a consultant, technology sector executive, and nonprofit advocate. Most recently, he has led an independent consultancy helping clients implement consumer protections such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act, as well as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Right to Financial Privacy Act, Truth in Lending Act, Bank Secrecy Act, and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. He is a former Senior Manager for U.S. Privacy at Microsoft, Senior Manager and Practice Leader in Deloitte’s privacy service area, and Senior Manager and Practice Leader with EY, where he created the Big Four consulting firm’s privacy program. Much of Matthew’s non-profit work involves efforts to curb cyber-bullying with the leading global cybersafety group.

“Companies today are struggling to balance privacy regulations with business objectives—while also facing daily cyber-assaults on customer data,” said Matthew. “As a strategic thinker and problem-solver, I’ve helped many companies navigate this complex environment and achieve their performance goals. I look forward to assisting Treliant’s clients, in collaboration with the firm’s experts across the spectrum of business, technology, and policy requirements.”

Media Contact: Melissa Pazornik – mpazornik@treliant.com or 202.249.7932

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