Date: December 10, 2019

Session Details: AML Hot Topics | 3:20PM – 4:20PM

The AML Hot Topics session will be discussed as an open fireside chat and the participants will discuss:

  • Financial Crime Internal Audit Programs: Utilizing data analytics to find the ‘needle in the haystack’
  • Sanctions Compliance Programs: The importance of Internal Audit
  • CDD rule-implementation: Regulator’s will be looking, so audit should too
  • Forensics in Internal Auditing: The value of adding investigative techniques to control design assessment and control effectiveness testing
  • Combining Fraud and AML programs: An evolution in fighting crime
  • Data Governance and Model Validation for suspicious activity surveillance: The importance of third-line review
  • Governance around new business initiatives: Is compliance engaged, are the right questions be asked re: FCC risks, and is this all being documented

The panel will also touch on other current hot topics affecting the financial crime compliance community such as: Cybersecurity, Gaming and Terrorism.


  • Ron Ziegler, Engagement Director
  • Gino Ercolino, Director

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