Building and Populating the Enterprise Data Catalog


The Data Catalog is at the heart of Data Management and Data Governance. From the EDM Council’s enterprise-wide methodologies to the needs of individual business units, there is general agreement that the Data Catalog is vital to physically implementing good Data Management and Data Governance.

But there is much less agreement on what the Data Catalog should physically be like, and even less consensus on how to successfully deliver a Data Catalog at enterprise scale. Some organizations have suffered through slow, expensive Data Catalog programmes or, worse, multiple metadata assets all competing to be the DC.

This webinar proposes a path to successfully delivering the enterprise-level Data Catalog, looking at:

  • The individuals and business concerns that drive Data Catalog programmes
  • The requirements of the programme — and the resources available to make sure your programme starts with future-proof requirements
  • How vendors and the enterprise collaborate at all levels and all stages of the programme to achieve success, including both building and populating the Data Catalogue.


  • Dave Lindsay, Managing Director, Data Solutions, Treliant
  • Ben Peterson, EMEA Head of Data Governance, Treliant
  • Colin Knight, Head of Data Lineage, Mapador
  • Jonathan Bega, President, Mapador
  • Mike Meriton, Moderator, Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council

Listen to the webinar here:

Introductions | 0:00 – 4:10

Ben Peterson, Treliant (Requirements for a Data Catalog) | 4:11 – 24:44

Colin Knight, Mapador (How to Populate a Data Catalog) |  27:00 – 45:46

Q&A featuring Ben Peterson (Treliant), Dave Lindsay (Treliant), Colin Knight (Mapador), and Jonathan Bega (Mapador) | 45:48 – 57:45