Date: July 28-30, 2020


  • Cathy Lemieux, Regulatory Advisor
    • You’ve Breached a Risk Limit—Now What? (Of interest to both risk and compliance officers): In the current environment, the threat of breaching risk limits and tolerances set under prior conditions is rising. Hear from risk experts about steps to take when a limit is breached, including reporting, issuing of temporary exceptions, reassessment of triggers, dealing with uncertain volatility and more.
  • Carl Pry, Managing Director
    • COVID-19 and Beyond – Fair Lending Hot Topics: Hear from our experts on fair lending hot topics. The speakers will focus heavily on the impact of COVID-19 regulatory changes on your Fair Lending Program, as well as updates on all fair lending changes and regulatory concerns.
    • Fair Lending Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning – Part II: Digital/Web Banking and Marketing – Defining Our “Market”: We will provide a robust discussion on how you define your market to ensure you are complying with fair lending requirements and CRA efforts.   First, we’ll discuss the critical considerations surrounding digital marketing and web-based efforts and what controls you should have in place to guard against illegal discrimination and redlining, especially far outside your normal service area(s). We’ll provide ideas on leveraging your data – knowing what it says and how you use it to monitor your fair lending and CRA compliance risks.
  • Tina Shaver, Senior Director, Regulatory Compliance
    • From Root Cause Analysis to Remediation (Of interest to both risk and compliance officers): The effectiveness of a remediation plan depends on identifying and addressing the true causes of a problem. Hear about how adopting a multidisciplinary approach to advanced root cause analysis at the enterprise level provides a head start in designing remediation plans that are embraced by stakeholders and successful at permanently solving a problem.
    • M&A Compliance in a Turbulent World: While our world may be turned upside down in response to COVID-19, M&A activity will continue and your due diligence process should be strong, regardless of the economic environment. Our panel will interactively discuss the end to end M&A process starting at steps involved in performing due diligence (including remote due diligence), reverse due diligence, identifying and mitigating gaps in resources, processes, products to integration. We will provide tools, tips, and tricks for handling key tasks along the journey.

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