Date: October 19-21, 2020


  • Alan Halfenger, Managing Director

Session Description: BD/MA – Best Practices for Bank Affiliates (Intermediate)

This session will explore current and emerging issues in the bank affiliate space to learn how firms navigate and identify ways that firms can navigate these challenges and implement best practices.  Speakers will instruct on how to identify common pitfalls for bank investment affiliates and how to overcome these challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the application and implications of heightened standards and the “Three Lines of Defense Risk Model”
  • Explore the management and mitigation of conflicts between the bank and investment affiliates, including the mitigation, disclosure and the applicability of the OCC Conflicts Handbook
  • Understand the application of the OCC Non-Deposit Investment Products Manual and best practices for identifying and reporting key Broker-Dealers to report metrics to the bank
  • Discuss lessons learned from the cross-selling examination focus by FINRA and bank regulators
  • Explore the compliance and risk differences between having an affiliated/captured BD and RIA versus a third party program operating in the bank

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