Date: July 23, 2020


  • Ross Marrazzo, Managing Partner
    • Keynote: Latest OFAC Trends and Developments: This special Keynote presentation, featuring an expert speaker from the U.S. sanctions regulator – OFAC, kicks off the Virtual Summit with a splash. Don’t miss it!

  • Frank Meister, Director
    • Sanctions and Customer Communications: What to Say/What Not to Say?: This session will be a Topic Presentation, which focuses on customer communications involving sanctions matters. It will discuss:
      • Scenarios with regard to customer communication on sanctions;
      • Disclosure considerations: what and how much to share with customers;
      • Operationalization: How to ensure appropriate customer communication and awareness; and
      • Benefits from improving customer communication on sanctions.
  • Gino Ercolino, Director and Ron Ziegler, Engagement Director
    • Sanctions Enforcement Update 2020: The panel will summarize and discuss OFAC enforcement actions instituted in 2020, root causes of violations and the involvement of other regulators in Economic Sanctions enforcement.
  • Prasad Chintamaneni, PhD, Managing Director
    • How to effectively Use Data Analytics While Conducting a Corporate Sanctions Investigation: This session will be an Interactive Roundtable, in which we will explore data analytics tools that can be used in a global sanctions investigation, including a brief case study. Learn how to make the most of your institution’s technology and implement a more efficient way of handling customer data.

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