About Us

On any given day, a company might have to strengthen its governance structure, develop or test policies and procedures, address a compliance problem, respond to supervisory or regulatory inquiries, assess its credit or market risk, or implement a regulatory or legal undertaking or order. Our team is prepared to assist with the immediate and long range planning needed to manage these operational, compliance, and credit risks. Equally important, Our Professionals are adept at finding solutions to minimize the damage to reputation that often occurs when serious problems or challenges emerge.

In other contexts, a company may wish to strengthen its position, raise capital, or grow. Moreover, as regulatory structures evolve and economic events unfold in the United States and abroad, companies will need to adjust their own operations and strategies. We have the background, experience, and knowledge needed to help clients understand and respond successfully to specific business issues, industry events, and the ever-changing economic and regulatory landscape.

Our services are used by domestic and international financial services companies, including:

  • Banks and Thrifts
  • Mortgage and Specialty Finance Firms
  • Securities and Investment Firms, including Broker-Dealers
  • Law Firms
  • Payments Processing Companies
  • FinTechs
  • Firms Providing Technology Services to Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Microfinance Organizations
  • Alternative Financial Services (AFS) Companies
  • Other Financial Services Companies

Code of Conduct

Treliant expects that those who work on its behalf will conduct themselves honorably, ethically, and in accordance with the Treliant Code of Conduct. Learn about how our CORE Principles - Communication, Open-mindedness, Respect, and Ethical Behavior - as well as our Ethical Tenets - Independence, Quality, and Integrity - inform our Code of Conduct.

Learn more about Treliant's Governance, and read our Code of Conduct to learn more about the standards, expectations, and values of Treliant employees.