Mortgage Operations and Compliance

The residential mortgage world is not standing still. Loan originators, servicers, and securitizers are facing the prospect of material change in the pace, rigor, and nature of regulation and enforcement. Conditions could also become ripe for an upsurge in mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. Technology-enabled innovation and competition will continue to revolutionize business-as-usual. The housing and loan markets have themselves become increasingly difficult to predict.

In this environment, where the only certainty is change, mortgage industry leaders find that they must confront compliance challenges more effectively at all levels. Business line operators and commercial heads of business need to address regulatory and enforcement matters on the front lines, as their compliance departments continue to perform more traditional functions. The drive is three-fold: maintain seamless operations, minimize compliance costs, and grow the business.

Treliant offers our clients compliance advice and strategic solutions on mortgage lending, servicing, and securitizing. Our risk management strategies help clients find compliant operational solutions that keep them financially competitive.

Treliant's Mortgage Operations and Compliance Advisory Services include:

Mortgage Strategy and Operations

  • Mortgage Banking Strategy Development
  • Origination and Credit Underwriting Program Review
  • Credit File Administration Documentation
  • Organization of Origination Files and Underwriting Guidelines
  • Servicing Operations Review and Assessment
  • Securitization Transaction Analysis and Due Diligence Reviews
  • Reconciliation of Mortgage Records with Third Parties, including Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) and Trustees

Mortgage Compliance

  • Fair Lending Investigations
  • “Matched Pair” Analysis of Underwriting to Test for Discriminatory Practices
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (RESPA) Compliance Surveys and Analysis
  • Analysis of Third-Party Service Provider Fees

Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation Reviews

  • Evaluation of Foreclosure Processes, Including Procedures, Timelines, Documents, and Technology
  • State-Specific Assessments of Procedural and Documentation Requirements
  • Document Evaluation and File Analysis
  • Significant Expertise in Loss Mitigation and Loan Modification Programs and Activities

Servicer and Related Entity Consent Orders

  • Risk Assessments for Regulatory and Internal Policy Compliance and Management
  • Evaluation of Risk Management, Compliance, and Board Oversight Programs
  • Document Execution Reviews
  • File and Document Remediation Plans


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Managing Director
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Managing Director
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Senior Director