Representative Engagements: Litigation Support

  • Conducted a review in response to a government action of Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured residential mortgage loan files for a Top 5 US bank. The review included evaluating compliance with rules and guidelines from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for FHA insurance in effect at the time of each loan’s origination, while applying the materiality standards from HUD guidance including the Post Endorsement Technical Review.

  • Provided expert re-underwriting services to an internationally recognized law firm in response to a plaintiff’s claims that mortgages did not comply with origination guidelines.

  • Provided litigation support for a large US financial institution regarding its lending practices, including a file review for mortgage repurchase claims from mortgage insurers and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), resulting in recommendations to answer repurchase claims.

  • Provided a large bank with expert consultation services and review of a mortgage lending program in connection with ongoing litigation. Included were the review, analysis, and recommended response to loan-level defect claims asserted by the US government, as well as expert consultation services, analysis, report writing, recommendations for improvement, and expert testimony for an upcoming trial.

  • Advised a top international law firm regarding its client’s fair lending program, and in response to a government action, including a comprehensive risk assessment, program evaluation, and fair lending review of specialty finance loans.

  • Provided a Top 5 US bank with expert services related to an affirmative re-underwriting of residential mortgage loan files for use in litigation defense by a major originator and issuer of residential mortgage-backed securities.

  • Reviewed a large bank’s mortgage loan origination practices, as required by the Federal Housing Financing Agency’s Office of Inspector General (FHFA-OIG). The review of credit re-underwriting for 329 origination loan files resulted in an assessment of conformance with applicable underwriting requirements for the sale of loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Engaged by a nationally recognized law firm to perform a comprehensive, FHA audit related loan-level review for a large financial institution. Reviewed residential mortgage claims and provided substantive expert services regarding FHA and government lending programs.

  • Performed a statistical and algorithmic analysis to advise a large bank and its board of directors of the dollar size of their exposure to the risk of a government action. Worked with the bank as it set reserve amounts.

  • As part of advising a client on how to respond to a government action, performed a servicing record analysis of defaulted residential mortgage loans and researched property value declines in order to gauge the cause of loan default.