Business Strategy

Are there uncovered profit opportunities in your asset portfolios, operations, or capital structure? Are you effectively accessing capital markets? Financial analysis and portfolio review are core strengths of Treliant Risk Advisors’ professionals. We use proven techniques and processes, including our integrated risk analysis, to review, evaluate, and improve the performance of loan portfolios.

Our business consulting services place specialists in corporate finance, capital markets, credit risk, and process re-design into your operations to deliver real value and repeatable results.

Treliant's Business Strategy Advisory Services include:

Recovery and Resolution Planning (Living Wills)

  • Strategic Advice on Approach, Scope, and Management
  • Evaluation of Recovery and Resolution Options
  • Comprehensive Stress Testing
  • Recovery and Resolution Planning (RRP) Preparation Using Custom Methodology

Asset Portfolio Review

  • Loan Re-underwriting and Restructuring
  • Problem Loan Identification
  • Economic Capital Analysis
  • Asset Valuation

Balance Sheet Management

  • Capital Markets Funding Strategy
  • Liquidity and Capital Planning
  • Stress Testing – Capital and Loans
  • Non-Maturity Deposit Studies
  • Asset Liability Modeling and Documentation
  • Asset/Liability Modeling Outsourcing Services

Model Validation

  • Asset-Liability Modeling (ALM) Process and Model Validations
  • Model/Process Documentation
  • Prepayment Model Calibration Studies