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Mark W. Olson and Lyn Farrell to speak at NACHA Conference
Treliant Co-Chair Mark W. Olson, and Treliant Managing Director Lyn Farrell will be speaking at the Internet Council Meeting NACHA conference on February 23-24, 2011.

The conference will held at the Marriot Denver City Center in Denver, Colorado and is titled “Peaks and Pitfalls in Payments”
Mr. Olson’s February, 23 morning session will offer insights into the aftermath of the passing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Dodd-Frank establishes a new regulatory regime for companies whose failure could create a “systemic risk” for our economy and financial system. Questions are still looming as to what constitutes a “systemically important” company? Systemic risk, which prompted government bailouts in 2008, is inherent in the modern financial machine, but is Dodd-Frank the answer? What other means are available to address the vulnerability of the banking system from an industry perspective? What are the impacts to competition and pricing throughout the retail payments market? These and other questions about the potential impact of this sweeping legislation will be thoughtfully explored.
Lyn Farrell’s mid morning February 23 session will include an overview of the risk management issues involved in micropayment services. Financial institutions have begun to promote micropayment products and services and the risk management controls surrounding these services will need to continue to develop. The considerations include:
BSA/AML transaction monitoring
Fraud controls
EFTA (Reg E) requirements
UDAP/TISA-disclosure considerations

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