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Lyn Farrell and Mark Westmoreland to Speak at Virginia Bankers Association Compliance Hot Topics
Date: September 29, 2011
Time: 9:05 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: The VBA Training Center, Glen Allen, Virginia
Topic: Strategic Compliance: Transforming the Compliance Model for UDAAP and Dodd-Frank

Today’s regulatory world will test even the best compliance management programs. In addition to absorbing a deluge of new rules, banks must also meet a completely new kind of challenge – a mandate to be not just compliant, but “fair.” UDAAP is fast-becoming the industry’s biggest risk because it’s emerging so suddenly, spans all products and services, and empowers regulators to deem activities “unfair, “deceptive,” or “abusive” – and therefore already illegal – long after the practice fully satisfied technical front-end review. Institutions waiting for regulatory clarification before addressing UDAAP are inviting high risk - it’s time to update the compliance management model.

Learn how to shift your compliance program from:
• Tactical to Strategic;
• Reactive to Proactive;
• Technical to Fairness-Focused;
• Isolated to Integrated and
• Inefficient to Lean and Leveraged.

Learn the basics required to make your program highly proactive; to integrate it with business decision-making; and to cultivate bank-wide culture change aligning compliance and fairness with your institution’s core business goals and ethical values.

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