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Mark W. Olson, Susanna K. Tisa, and Kathlyn L. Farrell to Speak at ABA Telephone Briefing
Date: March 7, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (ET)
Topic: Planning Your Strategic Response to Dodd-Frank: An Update

Dodd-Frank is a massive piece of legislation that will continue to impact the industry for years to come. It will change the business for banks large and small. Your challenge is to identify those parts of the legislation that will significantly impact your bank and shape your strategic response to minimize the impact of new threats and identify new opportunities.

This ninety–minute, live telephone briefing will provide a targeted update of the areas community bank executives need to focus on after the flurry of new rules and proposals issued just before yearend 2011. A panel of industry experts will provide key executives involved in setting the bank’s strategic objectives with insight into which provisions are likely to have an impact on their business in the near future and ideas they should begin to consider as they plan how to respond. Participants will receive the Treliant Dodd-Frank Strategic Planning Dashboard which highlights at-a-glance those areas likely to impact their bank.

Topics Covered:

The provisions of Dodd-Frank likely to have the earliest impact

How these provisions likely will impact various aspects of bank operations including: product mix, product development, fee income generation, capital, funding and liquidity planning, and executive compensation

Ideas for responding to those aspects of Dodd-Frank likely to have the
largest impact.
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