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Lyn Farrell to Moderate and Jo Ann Barefoot, Catherine Brown, and Tim Marrinan to Speak at Power Session at ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Time: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Location: Walt Disney World Dolphin, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Topic: Stepping Into the Minefield: How to Conduct a First-Time UDAAP Risk Assessment

A year ago, UDAAP was just another compliance issue. Today, suddenly, it is the number one challenge. Nearly every bank now faces a daunting new task: how to perform a first-ever UDAAP risk assessment. And it has to be done soon, to form the foundation for the bank’s whole UDAAP program. But traditional procedures do not fit UDAAP’s uniquely broad scope and subjectivity, so where do you start? What is good methodology? How can you prioritize and not “boil the ocean”? How do you review functions that are not touched by specific compliance rules and have never been evaluated? Most worrisome -- what might you find, the first time you look? What if your proactive UDAAP review becomes a road map for examiner criticism?

Join Jo Ann Barefoot and Treliant Risk Advisors as they present practical answers to these questions and concrete tools for assessing UDAAP risk:
• Engaging senior management
• Organizing and focusing the first review
• Risk assessing products, pricing, marketing and sales
• Measuring risk exposure and reporting results
• Sample worksheets and reports

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