Data Risk

Data risk is commanding ever greater attention in today’s increasingly data-driven enterprises – from the boardroom out to the front lines of business and beyond, to third-party service providers. Companies worldwide are grappling with evolving, multi-directional threats to the security, privacy, and integrity of their valuable data assets – leaving them vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny, legal liability, sub-optimal asset management, and loss of shareholder and brand value.

Treliant provides meaningful business solutions and reliable, practical advice on managing complex data risk. Combining in-depth legal, regulatory, and technology experience and knowledge, our integrated solutions teams use purpose-built methodologies that span governance, process, systems, and organizational design.

Treliant can assist you across the spectrum of requirements from the strategic to the tactical – from data risk program design to data breach crisis response. We help you mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and respond effectively to regulatory examination and enforcement while maintaining focus on your business goals.


Treliant's Data Risk Advisory Services Include:

Enterprise Data Risk Programs: Strategy, Design, Implementation, Assessment

  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Security
  • Privacy and Data Asset Risk
  • Business Continuity

Board Level Data Governance and Effectiveness

  • Board Presentations and Workshops
    • Cybersecurity Landscape: Board and Company Perspective
    • Data Risk Strategy: Legal, Regulatory, Brand, Operational Risk
  • “On the Same Page”: Board and Senior Management Sessions
    • Cybersecurity: Industry and Company View
    • Breach Responsibilities: Pre, During, Post
    • Communication and Reporting: Pre, During, Post

Risk Management Process: Data Asset

  • Risk Identification and Framework Design 
  • Evaluation and Strategic Response
    • Acceptance, Mitigation, Transfer
  • Change Management

Breach Preparedness and Response

  • Critical Response Capability Assessment
  • Breach Program: Development and Planning
  • Breach Crisis Response Management
    • Incident Analysis, Classification, Containment
    • Forensics and Law Enforcement Interaction
    • Notification Obligation and Regulatory Interaction
    • Media Management and Stakeholder Communication
    • Root Cause Analysis and Remediation

Third-Party Risk Mitigation

  • Third-Party Risk Management Process
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Data Protection Assessments
  • Due Diligence: Mergers, Acquisitions, Dissolutions

International Data Lifecycle Management

  • Global Data Use Optimization
  • Multi-jurisdictional Data Requirements Analysis
  • Cross-border Data Transfer

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Executive Partner
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Chief Executive Officer
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Senior Advisor
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Chief Security Officer
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Senior Manager

Operational Risk

Treliant aids our clients in the efficient management of risk through the development, implementation, and enhancement of operational risk management programs that meet regulatory and supervisory expectations.

Learn more about Treliant's Operational and Third-Party Risk Advisory Services.