Treliant Risk Advisors Governance

As trusted advisors to the financial services industry, we at Treliant commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards within a company-wide culture of integrity. Our daily conduct is grounded in four CORE Principles: Communication, Open-mindedness, Respect, and Ethical Behavior. Our Ethical Tenets of Independence, Quality, and Integrity define our responsibilities to our colleagues, our clients, and the public. Together, these constitute a Code of Conduct to which our Board of Directors, Senior Advisory Board, and Compliance Committee hold the firm in all of our interactions and engagements. 

To contact our Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, Ross Marrazzo, please send all correspondence to

Code of Conduct

Treliant Risk Advisors expects that those who work on its behalf will conduct themselves honorably, ethically, and in accordance with the Treliant Code of Conduct. Learn about how our CORE Principles - Communication, Open-mindedness, Respect, and Ethical Behavior - as well as our Ethical Tenets - Independence, Quality, and Integrity - inform our Code of Conduct.

Read our Code of Conduct to learn more about the standards, expectations, and values of Treliant Risk Advisors employees. 

Board of Directors

Treliant's Board of Directors ensures Treliant's commitments to community, ethics, diversity, and sustainability are maintained. 

Board of Directors members: