Meet with Treliant at ACAMS Vegas - 2018

Treliant is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the ACAMS 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Members of our Global Financial Crimes Compliance team look forward to connecting with you at the conference to discuss the changes and challenges impacting the financial services industry.


Please join Constandino (Dino) Papagiannis, Principal, for the panel session on “Finding the Right Path on Vendor Selection and Outsourcing” on Thursday, October 4, 2018 from 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM. The panel will cover important topics including:


  • Conducting a risk-based assessment on vendors including documentation of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) proficiency, cybersecurity, and data management policies and potentially compromising third-party relationships
  • Integrating vendor’s product and delivery channels with bank’s internal controls to achieve consistency in regards to internal controls, corporate governance, and institutional risk appetite
  • Creating performance metrics to attain robust, comprehensive, and properly documented vendor oversight and adjust systems or relationships as warranted to systemic needs of AML programs


To learn more about our Trusted Advisory Services for Global Financial Crimes Compliance, please stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall (Booths 423 & 425), or reach out to us personally in advance of the ACAMS 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference.

Treliant's Global Financial Crimes Compliance Regulatory Advisory Services Include:

Program Design, Assessment, and Implementation

  • Design and Implementation of Compliance Programs
  • Program Reviews, including Health Checks
  • Department Structure and Staffing Assessments
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Acquisition/Merger Due Diligence
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Scoring Methodology Development
  • Independent Audits

Customer Risk Profile

  • Customer Segmentation
  • High Risk Customer Methodology
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Program
  • Customer Identification Program (CIP)        
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Program
  • Correspondent Banking Due Diligence

Data Analytics and Remediation

  • Data Integrity/Lineage Reviews
  • Customer Data Quality Reviews
  • Data Acquisition: Normalization

Regulatory Exams

  • Exam Preparation
  • Corrective Action Advisory and Remediation

Program Outsourcing

  • All Program Areas from Oversight to Investigations

Staff Augmentation

  • Staffing at all Levels: Chief Compliance Officer (CCO); Analyst; Auditor


  • Board of Directors and Senior Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Management and Board Reporting; Dashboard and Metrics Design
  • Corporate Culture Reviews and Assessments
  • First-, Second-, and Third-Line Roles and Responsibilities       
  • Training at all Levels—Board; Management; Employees

Model Governance, Review, Implementation, and Validation

  • Model Governance
  • Model Documentation Procedure and Analysis
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Alerting Sanctions for Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Screening Tools Identification and Implementation
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Monitoring Rules/Scenarios, Identification, Calibration, and Analysis    
  • Sanctions (OFAC) Filters/Fuzzy Logic Rules Identification, Calibration and Analysis

Investigations and Lookbacks

  • Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) Review
  • Alert and Case Management Process Review
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Transaction Lookbacks
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Review

Enforcement Action Remediation

  • Independent Compliance Monitorships/Consultancies
  • Independent Compliance Reviews and Audits 
  • Independent Transactional Reviews (Lookbacks) 
  • Tactical Remediation Project Plans

Treliant Team at ACAMS Vegas

Ralph Fatigate
Managing Director
Ross Marrazzo
Managing Partner
Constandino Papagiannis
Managing Director
Frank J. Meister
Senior Manager

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